Design Build • Restoration

Site Specific, a design build and construction company, builds beautiful, functional spaces for discerning clients. We specialize in preserving, restoring and renovating New England’s historic architecture.


Cafe Pearl, RISD


Site Specific is about integrity, integration, and individualized service. We are general contractors. Our mission is to merge the architecture, design and construction process seamlessly. To do this, we collaborate with architects and clients who share our passion for design and our commitment to producing exceptional results.


Integrity fosters continuity. Our reliability and the high quality of our work standards consistently exceed client expectations and have helped us to forge strong relationships.


We bring together the relevant players to pinpoint the scope of work, design, materials and craftspeople. This integrated design-build model ensures that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Individualized Service

We understand that every relationship and assignment is unique. We help our clients realize their vision with an individualized response that includes custom design consultation and value engineering.